Almond Sweet Carrier Oil

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Sweet Almond Oil is an intensely hydrating carrier oil which adds an exquisitely silky texture to any massage blend.
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Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Dulcis) is the most widely used carrier oil, suitable for all skin types. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids, helping to soften, nourish and revitalise the skin.

Sweet Almond Oil is especially suited to dry, sensitive and irritated skin and
 it is used extensively in cosmetics and therapeutic skincare. It is also one of the best multi-purpose base oils to use for massage, as it is almost odourless and is an excellent lubricant. Compared to other carrier oils, Sweet Almond oil resists oxidisation (i.e. does not go off quickly), making it a good choice to buy in bulk for massage treatments.

Base Formula supplies only premium quality products and we are the FHT's only approved aromatherapy supplier. 

甜杏仁油是最广泛使用的基底油,它无气味、不粘腻以及能够深层保湿,适合所有肤质。 甜杏仁油可作为按摩油,或者单独使用为身体保湿乳液。甜杏仁的医用价值从摩西时代就已经被认识到,它对干性、敏感性以及成熟性肌肤特别有帮助。淡黄色的甜 杏仁油有着淡淡的香气,比起其他的基底油更有效抗氧化。由于渗透力高,搽在干性或受损肌肤上将很快被吸收;不刺激,不留下油腻感。它富含维他命B群以及各 种有益矿物,包括锌、植物蛋白、不饱和脂肪酸等有效修护及保持健康肌肤的营养成分。

Base Formula 只供应高品质的商品,我们也是 FHT 唯一批准的香薰疗法供应商。

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Gillian Carbine, Rated: 5
Sweet almond Carrier oil
This is a top quality carrier oil which I use for all my massage blends and also makes a perfect nail oil. It leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturised.
Geng Sun, Rated: 5
good quality. great price. I think this Carrier Oil is a must have.

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