Cleanser (with Cucumber Extract)

Product Code: COS-06
Our Cream Cleanser Base has a luxurious and gentle texture. It is the perfect choice for salon or personal use and is formulated for all skin types (SLS free).
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A balancing, cleansing lotion rich in naturally active ingredients to help remove impurities and leave the skin feeling clean, refreshed, silky smooth and with no dryness. This base has been expertly formulated to accept essential oils, fragrance oils, botanical extracts and various other cosmetic additives to enable you to customise your treatments for different skin types. Used alone or with Aloe Vera Juice it is even gentle enough to use as an eye make up remover. SLS free.

Using with a Toner: The experts at Base Formula recommend our pure Witch Hazel Hydrolat as a toner. It is, gently astringent and suitable for direct application to the skin  or for blending with other essential oils or hydrolats. Witch Hazel is a very effective skin toner with strong antioxidant and therapeutic properties. When used as part of a skin care routine it will tone, soothe and normalize the skin, encouraging a clearer complexion and restoring optimum condition. It is the perfect professional choice for use at home or in the salon. Unlike many commercial toners it is 100% pure and alcohol free.

 Professional Tip: Base Formula experts recommend that no more than 0.5% of any essential oil be added to the cleanser base and 2% of any liquid additive such as aloe vera or hydrolats. Exceeding this amount may cause the cleanser base to lose some of its luxurious properties including viscosity, smooth feel and rate of absorption. 
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RONG YANG, Rated: 5
gentle care
This cleanser has very soft and smooth texture. It refreshes my face in very gentle way as my skin is quite sensitive. Highly recommended if you need gentle care too.

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