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A luxuriously smooth, moisturising cream base for the face using naturally derived emollients.
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Base Formula's Moisturising Cream Base is a luxuriously smooth and creamy moisturiser with a silky, soft texture. It is made with the finest ingredients available including precious natural emollients which offer intense hydration. The main emollients are grapeseed and caprylic/capric triglyceride (a high specification grade of fractionated light coconut) which nourish the skin and support a more youthful, healthy complexion. This expert formulation absorbs well without stickiness or heaviness and can be used alone or blended with essential oils and other botanical ingredients as part of a bespoke beauty treatment. SLS free.

Professional Tip: Base Formula experts recommend that all additives do  not exceed 2% percent of the total volume  Exceeding this amount may destabilize the blend. Over time this may cause the base to lose some of their luxurious properties including viscosity and silky texture.
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Gillian Carbine, Rated: 5
Moisturising Cream 1
This cream is perfect with essential oils added. It feels wonderful on the skin and feels so moisturising. I have had great feedback from clients using this cream.
June Cobley, Rated: 5
June Cobley
A very versatile cream. I use it for reflexology treatments with essential oil or aloe vera and seaweed hydrating gel added. It makes a wonderful cream for hands or any dry area and doesn't leave a greasy feel to the skin.

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