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Product Code: COS-16
A clear shampoo base which has been formulated to accept natural ingredients including essential oils and carrier oils. Use this shampoo to cleanse and soften your hair.
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A mild, general purpose shampoo base designed by the experts at Base Formula to gently cleanse and restore the hair. This clear, fragrance free shampoo produces a luxurious foam which rinses clean to leave soft, shiny, manageable hair. Suitable for all hair types it has been formulated to accept additional aromatherapy ingredients including essential oils, carrier oils, fragrance oils, aloe vera and botanicals making it a fantastic base for creating your own bespoke haircare blends.

Base Formula Recipes:-

For greasy hair add 0.5% of Lime essential oil and 0.5% of Spearmint essential oil

For dry hair add 1% of Aloe Vera Juice, 0.5% of Frankincense and 0.5% of Rose Absolute (substitute Geranium for a less expensive blend).

For damaged/colour treated hair add 2% of Aloe Vera Juice, 0.5% of Myrrh and 0.5% of Lavender.

For thinning hair add 0.5% of Ylang Ylang essential oil, 0.5% of Geranium and 1% of Aloe Vera Juice

For a flaky scalp add 0.5% of Tea Tree essential oil and 0.5% of Myrrh essential oil

To repel head lice add 4 drops of Tea Tree essential oil to every dessertspoonful of shampoo or in bulk 0.75%


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Anonymous, Rated: 5
shampoo a must
As a clinical aromatherapist I have tried a few different brands of shampoo and this has proved excellent both with or without the addition of essential oils including my own use.I used to buy expensive salon brands till i tried this product, my hair is much more manageable, better condition and everyone who has tried it has loved the product and results.

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