Melissa Light (Melissa Absolute Dilution 5% in Jojoba)

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The delicious lemon scented, calming properties of Melissa Light are enhanced by the nurturing properties of Jojoba Oil.
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The delicious lemon scented, calming properties of Melissa (Melissa Officinalis) essential oil (diluted at 5%) are enhanced by the nurturing properties of the Jojoba Carrier Oil. The experts at Base Formula have selected the finest Melissa Oil, which was historically known as the 'elixir of life', and blended it with Jojoba Oil to produce what is commonly known as Melissa Light essential oil. Melissa Light offers therapists and home enthusiasts a convenient way to experience this oil which has long been worshiped for its medicinal qualities and its beneficial effect on health and wellbeing.

Melissa Oil benefits congested skin and is believed to soothe skin irritations. It helps to calm the nerves and has excellent qualities in fighting depression and releasing negative emotions. It has a comforting, sedative effect and can help in cases of hysteria and panic. Melissa Oil can help settle the digestive system and a nervous tummy and many therapists use it to help clients breathe more deeply when entering a meditative state. Melissa helps to slow the heartbeat, ease high blood pressure, regulate the menstrual cycle and help with period pains.  
Professional Tip: Blend 2 mls of Melissa Light Oil and 5 mls of Vitamin E Oil with a tablespoon full of Base Formula French Clay and apply to the face as a clarifying mask.
Source: France

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