Aroma Stone (UK)

Product Code: AST01
Aroma Stone electric diffuser for use with aromatherapy essential oils. Gently warms the oils to maximise their fragrance and therapeutic properties. Easy to use and very economical.
Like all Rio Vaporisers the Aroma Stone electric diffuser gently warms aromatherapy essential oils to vaporise them in a controlled manner. The traditional method of heating oils in burners can cause the oil to get too hot very quickly thus changing the nature of the oil and, therefore, its effect. The Rio Aroma Stone uses a controlled temperature method which produces a clean oil vapour with the scent remaining true to the original oil.

The Rio Aroma Stone is traditionally crafted in glazed ceramic and uses no candles or burners. It is mains operated and completely safe, clean, silent and effective. Its self-regulating temperature gently vaporises oils and oil blends without changing their character which means you get the very best from your oils and you maximise the benefits that aromatherapy can bring. The Rio Aroma Stone is easy to use and very economical -  a few drops of essential oil will last for hours. Simply wipe it clean after use.

Professional Note
The Aroma Stone is suitable for use with Pure Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils.

uitable for use in the UK, 240V, three pin plug

Colour: Blue

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