Dead Sea Salt (Fine Grade)

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Dead Sea salt is a nutrient and mineral rich cosmetic ingredient which can be used to make therapeutic spa bath salts and scrubs.
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Pure Natural Dead Sea Salt is rich in nutrients and health enhancing minerals and is ideal for making therapeutic, skin nurturing aromatherapy bath salts and exfoliating body scrubs. Dead Sea Salt contains far greater concentrations of minerals than standard sea salt and it has been renowned for its therapeutic properties since ancient times. It has numerous beneficial effects on the body and skin and can be helpful for reducing stress, easing sore, stiff muscles and for skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.

Ideal to blend with Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate) and essential oils, botanicals and Aloe Vera to make wonderfully fragrant and therapeutic spa bath salts and body scrubs. 

The experts at Base Formula recommend:

A maximum of 2% of any essential oil be added to a kilo of salt. Exceeding this amount may risk skin sensitization.

Professional Note:

One to two tablespoonfuls of the finished  product is recommended per bath which you might wish to put on the label of your luxurious spa salt before you give it to anyone. This product is suitable for vegetarians and has not been tested on animals.
Home Spa Treatment Recipes

Stress Relief Spa Salts for the Bath

In a small bowl mix1 cup of Dead Sea Salt with a tablespoonful of Epsom Salts and a tablespoonful of Aloe Vera and Seaweed Gel. Add 3 drops of Green Mandarin essential oil (uplifting), 3 drops of Geranium essential oil (balancing)  and 3 drops of May Chang essential oil (the oil of tranquility) (Optional - add 2 teaspoonfuls of honey). Mix well and add half the mixture to a second bowl.

Stress Relief Body Scrub

To the second bowl add Soya Carrier Oil and mix until your product resembles a thick paste. Add the contents of the first bowl to a hot deep bath and use the contents of the second bowl as a body scrub (just take handfuls of the mixture and apply to the skin with your bare hands or a natural face cloth. Note:  this blend is not suitable as a facial scrub.
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Best seller of my own product range
I have made four different foot and bath salts using these dead sea salts. I purchased the retro PET from Base Formula and these not only look pretty and mixed with essential oils smell wonderful. I mixed the salts with my own dried flowers from my garden. I purchased enough to make 5 jars just to see how they went with my clients. They sold out within 3 days. Needless to say had to make another order. Only have one of those left now. A very good product, clients love them and they also love the jars which they can recycle for themselves.

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