Professional Aromatherapy Kit

Product Code: KITPRO
This kit has 27 Essential Oils, 2 Carrier Oils and a range of practical sundries.
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Aromatherapy Kit without case
Kit with Clawson Case (Pine) (+£25.00)
Kit with Clawson Case (Alder Wood) (+£56.03)
Kit with Oakham Case (+£59.00)
Kit with Asfordby Case (Alderwood) (+£24.50)

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List A Essential Oils:
Basil 10ml
Benzoin 10ml
Bergamot 10ml
Black Pepper 5ml
Cajuput 10ml
Carrot Seed 5ml
Cedarwood Atlas 10ml
Roman Chamomile 5ml
Citronella 10ml
Clary Sage 10ml
Clove Bud 10ml
Coriander Seed 10ml
Cypress 10ml
Elemi 10ml
Eucalyptus (Globulus) 10ml
Eucalyptus (Radiata) 10ml
Fennel 10ml
Frankincense 5ml
Geranium 10ml
Ginger 10ml
Grapfruit 10ml
Hyssop 10ml
Juniperberry 5ml
Lavender French 10ml
Lemon Expressed 10ml
Lemongrass 10ml
Lime Distilled 10ml
Green Mandarin 10ml
Marjoram Sweet 10ml
Myrrh 5ml
Myrtle 10ml
Niaouli 10ml
Orange Sweet 10ml
Palmarosa 10ml
Patchouli 10ml
Peppermint (USA) 10ml
Petitgrain 10ml
Pine Needle 10ml
Ravensara 5ml
Rosemary 10ml
Rosewood 5ml
Sage Dalmation 10ml
Sandalwood 5ml
Spearmint 10ml
Tangerine 10ml
Tea Tree 10ml
Thyme (White) 10ml
Vetivert 5ml
Ylang Ylang (Grade 2) 5ml

List B Essential Oils:
Roman Chamomile 10ml
Jasmine Absolute 5ml
Neroli 5ml
Rose (Centifolia) 5ml
Rose Otto 2ml
Yarrow (Blue) 2ml

List D Essential Oils:

List C Carrier Oils :
Grapeseed Oil 200ml
Sunflower Oil 200ml
Sweet Almond Oil 200ml
Apricot Kernal Oil 200ml
Unrefined Avocado Oil 100ml
Evening Primrose Oil 50ml
Jojoba Oil 100ml
Peach Kernal Oil 100ml
Rosehip (ORGANIC) Oil 100ml
Unrefined Wheatgerm Oil 100ml

Select the essential oils and carrier oils of your choice all for a pre-determined price.  You can also select a beautiful Carry Case to store and protect your oils at a discounted price. We also offer personalised naming on cases, so you can really make a collection your own.

Please select 25 oils from List A, 2 oils from List B and 2 carrier oils from List C.

The Professional Aromatherapy Kit comes with the following sundry items:

20 x Disposable 3ml Pipettes
2 x 30ml mixing cups
Cap Labels
50ml Glass Beaker
Glass Mixing Bowl
Glass Stir Rod
20 x Odour Test Strips
Safety / Info Leaflet

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