Aloe Vera, Elderflower & Seaweed Eye Gel

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Aloe Vera, Elderflower & Seaweed Eye Gel helps to reduce the visible signs of ageing, fatigue and stress with daily application
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Tired, puffy eyes, Dark Shadows, Fine Lines?

Base Formula's anti-ageing Aloe Vera, Elderflower & Seaweed Eye Gel helps to reduce the visible signs of ageing, fatigue and stress with daily application. This nutrient rich, ultra-hydrating gel is an easily absorbed undereye treatment that instantly makes the skin under the eyes feel more youthful and less tired.

It has been formulated by the experts at Base Formula with botanically active ingredients. Aloe Vera smoothes fine lines and delivers essential hydration to support and restore elasticity to the fragile skin around the eye. Seaweed gently tones and reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eye to give a more wide awake, youthful appearance and nutrient rich Elderflower helps to soothe and brighten the skin around the eye.

How to Use:

As a weekly masque:
Apply generously to the skin under and to the outside of the eye (avoid putting inside the eye or within 3mm of the lash line). Relax with eyes closed for ten minutes. Tissue off.

As a daily treatment: Apply sparingly and leave on. May be used under moisturizer or foundation or alone.

Safety note: As with all skincare products that are new to you, spot test first if you have sensitive skin
Aloe Vera

Helps to smooth fine lines whilst delivering essential hydration to support and restore elasticity to the fragile skin around the eye area. Aloe Vera is an intensely hydrating and nutrient and mineral rich ingredient. It is particularly valuable in terms of B vitamins which positively influence skin health and support youthful elasticity and tone. Aloe Vera has antioxidant properties which are helpful in restoring and maintaining a fresh healthy complexion.


Gently tones and reduces puffiness to lessen shadows for a more wide-a-wake youthful appearance. It also helps to improve circulation which can reduce puffiness and enhance natural moisture levels making under the eye appear lighter and brighter. Dark shadows under the eyes can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and historically seaweed has been used for its detox properties which make it the perfect ingredient to counteract the negative impact of lifestyle on appearance. It is rich in mineral salts, amino acids and vitamins and this super-cocktail of therapeutic nutrients can have a very positive impact in terms of delaying the ageing process. The lipid, protein, mineral and vitamin content of seaweed is easy to absorb offering a richly hydrating and nourishing treatment with the gentleness that such a delicate area deserves.


Is packed with nutrients which gently nurture and brighten the skin around the eye area so that you look your very best whatever the stresses and strains of life. The Elder was once known as "nature's medicine chest", with its flowers and berries used to restore and maintain health particularly at times of stress. Elder flowers were highly sought after in the 18th century for skin whitening and removing freckles (anecdotal evidence is strong but there has been no scientific studies to support this). What is certain is that Elderflowers are a very gentle stimulant and very high in astringent tannins. Tannins are polyphenolic compounds that are astringent, making them useful for skin firming and toning applications.

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