Essential Oil Burners & Diffusers

We offer a selection of essential oil burners and diffusers which are ideal for vaporising therapeutic aromatherapy blends at home or in the treatment room. 

Within our range you'll find traditional ceramic essential oil burners alongside modern, mains powered vaporisers such as the Aroma Stream and Aroma Stone. These electric aromatherapy diffusers offer a safe and efficient way of dispersing oils. Unlike traditional essential oil burners they do not overheat the oils, hence protecting their fragrance and therapeutic properties. They are also child-friendly and safe to be left unattended.  

All of these products are ideal for home fragrancing and are compatible with essential oils, hydrolats and fragrance oils. Please note however that fragrance oils are synthetic products and do not offer any of the therapeutic benefits associated with pure essential oils

We also highly recommend our inhalators for those who would like a discrete and portable way of enjoying aromatherapy blends on the go!

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