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Celebrity essential oil profiles - which oil are you?

We’ve had a little fun this February, creating personality profiles for some of our favourite essential oils and matching them to the characters of well-known celebrities! Find out if any of these oils are the perfect match for you!

Blends for actress & aromatherapy fan Kirsten Dunst

Blends for actress & aromatherapy fan Kirsten DunstActress Kirsten Dunst has various beauty secrets, to keep her body beautiful and her complexion flawless. She follows a low acid, high alkaline diet. She is also a great fan of aromatherapy, even using essential oils to create her own perfumes! In her new film ‘Melancholia’, released in the UK last week, Kirsten plays a depressed bride!

Sensual massage blend for the Royal wedding night

Sensual massage blend for the Royal wedding nightIf you believe what you read in the papers, William and Kate could be spending their honeymoon in either the Scilly Isles off the coast of Cornwall or on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia (we know which location we’d prefer!).

Calming advice for Kate Middleton

Calming advice for Kate MiddletonKate Middleton is probably the most nervous women in Britain at the moment as as she counts down to her Royal Wedding on April 29. Prince William’s beautiful fiancé isn’t new to the cameras and paparazzi, but as the media frenzy escalates the final few days leading up to the wedding will undoubtedly be extremely stressful for the Royal wife-to-be. To calm her nerves and help her to relax we’ve put together a soothing aromatherapy blend that's fit for a queen.

Strictly Come Dancing massage oils…

Strictly Come Dancing massage oils…A weekend of Strictly Come Dancing starts tonight with the first round of the hotly-contested semi-finals. Each couple will perform their usual dance as well as well as taking part the group 'Swingathon'.

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