Important information for customers in mainland China 对中国大陆客户的重要通知

Important information for customers in mainland China 对中国大陆客户的重要通知BF Logo and Product Verification Label

To reassure our customers in China we would like to make the following statements:-

Our official website in China is

Any other website using the Base Formula name in China is UNAUTHORISED.

In China genuine Base Formula products are sold under the BF Aromatherapy brand only (see logo to the right).

All genuine products carry the product verification label shown to the right.

Genuine BF Aromatherapy products are currently only available through

Products available on Taobao or via any other channel are not Base Formula (BF Aromatherapy) products.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via

中国其他任何使用Base Formula的网站均无授权
在中国大陆地区,我们所有产品都以BF Aromatherapy(如右图商标)为品牌名销售
目前, 为中国大陆地区唯一能购买到BF Aromatherapy正品的平台
中国大陆地区其他销售平台,如淘宝,均不为Base Formula(BF Aromatherapy)产品。

Chris Keating
Managing Director
Base Formula Ltd


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