Q&A: Pre-blended Massage Oils from Base Formula

Q&A: Pre-blended Massage Oils from Base FormulaQ: I'm interested in buying some premixed aromatherapy oils for using during massages. I am qualified in sports massage, relaxation and pregnacy massage and normally use base oil. If I use premixed oil is there anything I need to be a aware of in terms of contraindications with the essential oils?

A: Our ready to use pre-blended massage oils will certainly add value to your massages and enhance the customer experience. As the oils are pre-blended you do not have to have an aromatherapy qualification to use them. With regard to any pregnant clients and massage then position is likely to be the biggest issue. Our pre-blended oils are safe to use and the Relaxing blend is particularly popular during pregnancy. I would suggest that you spot test first for sensitivity as the pregnant body can be super sensitive to new products.  The same rules apply to any clients who are on medication. There is no contraindication as such just more reason to spot test first. I generally put a little bit inside the wrist as soon as is appropriate when the client comes in and certainly before they get undressed and then once they are on the couch and I am ready to start I have a quick look. Any redness then I recommend you just use plain Soya Oil base with 5% Evening Primrose added.

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