Q&A: Aromatherapy blend for odema and water retention (10th February 2012)

Q: I want to make up an effective blend for odema and water retention for my mum. I originally wanted to purchase Birch White & Angelica but Base formula do not sell Birch White.

A: We would not recommend Birch White as this is an oil that appears on the "Hazardous Oil" list.

Angelica can overstimulate the nervous system if used excessively and may in turn cause insomnia. It is also phototoxic and can cause irritation when exposed to sunlight (not much of that at the moment though!!).

Generally odema is a symptom of serious illness and no aromatherapist should attempt to treat it without medically trained support and co-operation.

Oils that are suitable for use with fluid retention include Geranium, Juniper, Cypress, Lemon and Rosemary. These can be blended with a carrier oil for gentle massage, although it is always recommended that massage is performed by a qualified therapist.

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