Reflexology foot lotion recipe

Make your own Reflexology Foot Lotion with a range of therapeutic essential oils and Base Formula's versatile Organic Moisturising Lotion. This fragrance free lotion has been formulated with 99% natural ingredients to gently replenish moisture and oil lost by the skin. It is suitable for all over body use including the face, and it is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. It can also be used therapeutically to soothe and relieve the discomfort caused by rough, dry skin.

To make your own Reflexology Foot Lotion

Blend the following ingredients:-

Organic Moisturising Lotion
0.25% Tea Tree essential oil (antiseptic, antifungal, restores and supports skin health)
0.25% Lemongrass essential oil (restorative, pain relieving, antiseptic, antifungal, deodorising)
0.5% Geranium essential oil (balancing/female orientated) OR Lavender essential oil (soothing/pain relieving)

The experts at Base Formula recommend that no more than 1% of any essential oil and 2% of liquid ingredients such as aloe vera or hydrolats be added to our cosmetic bases. Exceeding this amount may destabilise the blend.

Disclaimer & Safety Advice

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