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Maximise the shelf life of your essential oils

Maximise the shelf life of your essential oilsThe following advice has been put together by Base Formula for the FHT's International Therapist Magazine, as published in January 2012.

How to store your Hydrolats

How to store your HydrolatsHydrolats (also called Hydrosols) are the waters collected when plants are steam-distilled to extract essential oils. They have similar therapeutic powers to essential oils and are widely used for natural skincare. They can also be used in place of essential oils for people who need more gentle aromatic care i.e. for the elderly, children, the highly sensitive or for people suffering from debilitating illness.

Expert advice on how to delight your customers

Expert advice on how to delight your customersIf you think good customer service leads directly to customer satisfaction, think again. These days, it's all about "customer delight” and "exceeding expectations" - which at the end of the day will mean increased customer loyalty and more referrals for you. Here is our expert advice on how to ensure that your keep clients coming back for more!

October’s salon tip to reduce costs

October’s salon tip to reduce costsOctober is a month when salon receipts fall as customers recover from summer holiday spending and start saving for Christmas. Use the time to review product costs and see if you can make savings without compromising on quality. Our Aloe Vera & Seaweed Gel remains our best selling product to beauty salons. Used alone it makes an incredibly effective and natural alternative to a collagen masque or mix with Clay for a gently exfoliating clay masque. Our gel comes with a free e-book which is packed with loads of skin and bodycare recipes.

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