• Aroma Stream Replacement Pads

Aroma Stream Replacement Pads

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Absorbant replacement pads for the Aroma Stream Vaporiser to diffuse essential oils and fragrance oils. Delivers a fresh, pure, long-lasting fragrance.
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To prolong the life of your Aroma Stream Pads, our aromatherapist recommends keeping multiple pads, each to be used with its own selection of oils. We also recommend that pads are kept in air tight bags to help lock in fragrance in between use. Here are some blends you may wish to try:

10 Lavender, 5 Patchouli, 5 Frankincense

5 Geranium, 5 Rosemary, 10 Lime

Bug Buster
5 Cinnamon, 5 Clove, 10 Orange

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