• Vitamin E (Infused) Carrier Oil

Vitamin E (Infused) Carrier Oil

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Vitamin E (Infused in Sunflower Oil) is a luxurious, protective and ultra-hydrating carrier oil.

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Vitamin E Infused in Sunflower Oil is a super-hydrating, protective carrier oil. Vitamin E (Tocopherol) is a powerful antioxidant that helps combat the ageing effects of free radicals, and protects the skin against environmental damage. This infused oil has a light texture and is readily absorbed by all skin types. It is a popular choice for professional beauty therapists as it helps to keep the skin looking soft, smooth, supple and more youthful. The experts at Base Formula recommend using this infused Vitamin E Oil either alone, or adding a teaspoonful to any massage blend to enhance the therapeutic power of the treatment.

Vitamin E Oil can be useful when making your own products, as its antioxidant powers will help to delay the product oxidisation process - hence prolonging the shelf life of your blends. 

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