Orange Flower (Neroli) Hydrolat

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Neroli (Orange Blossom) Hydrolat (hydrosol) has a soothing effect on the skin and a balancing effect on the emotions. Suitable for all skin types particularly dry, mature, combination, oily and acne prone skin.
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The name Neroli is said to have originated from the Italian Princess, Anne-Marie de la Tremoille (Countess of Nerola) who used the Orange Blossom/Neroli Flower Water as a perfume and to scent her bathwater and gloves. It is still a key ingredient for making traditional smelling Eau-de-Cologne.

Pure Orange Flower (Neroli) Hydrolat (also known as Hydrosol) has a delicate floral scent that has an intensely relaxing influence on the mind and body, helping to reduce anxiety and soothe tense muscles. 

Orange Flower Water is also a very popular skincare ingredient as it helps to calm and settle the skin, resulting in a clearer, more youthful complexion. Its healing, anti-ageing and regenerative properties are beneficial for all skin types including, dry, mature and combination skin. It is also a gentle astringent that can be beneficial for oily skin and acne.

Orange Flower Hydrolat is an ideal ingredient for cleansing and toning and for blending with other creams, lotions, toners, clays and cosmetic bases to make your own therapeutic skincare treatments. It can also be used in a soothing face or body spritz to help relieve stress and anxiety.

纯有机橙花 (Neroli) 纯露散发出一种强烈有效令身体放松的微妙花香。这有助于减轻焦虑及舒缓肌肉。长期使用橙花花水能够解决肤色暗沉问题,所以在沙龙非常受欢迎。Neroli 这个名字据说起源于意大利,Anne-Marie de la Tremoill (Nerola 公园伯爵夫人)。她常把橙花花水当香水、加入洗澡水使用。橙花也是制造传统古龙水的重要成分之一。

  橙花纯露也是非常受欢迎的护肤成分,为它可以帮助平息肌肤,让肤色更年轻,清晰。 也有抗衰老和再生功能,有利于所有的皮肤肤,包括干性,成熟和混合性皮肤。 它也同时有利于油性皮肤和痘肌。



在纯露中加入 10% 芦荟汁自制冲洗剂 (扁塌头发和掉发者适用)。

加入 Base Formula 面膜粉自制适合混合型肌肤的面膜。

 Base Formula Cream Base 中加入 2汤匙的橙花纯露。另外再加2滴玫瑰原精(若无玫瑰原精,可以用天竺葵精油代替)、1滴乳香精油以及1滴柑橘精油。充分的混合后请在12星期内使用完。

 Base Formula 洗手液加入2% 橙花纯露,另外再加 0.5% 茶树精油以及 1% 东印度香叶油自制香味十足的抗菌洗手液。 

在遇到逆境时,泡澡在水中加入2汤匙 橙花纯露、6滴依兰依兰精油、2滴雪松精油,可帮助提升意志力和勇气。


Citrus aurantium

Professional Tips:-

Use Neroli Water with 10% Aloe Vera Juice as a rejuvenating rinse  for thinning, lifeless hair

Mix Neroli Water with Base Formula Clay to make a mask for combination skin

Add 2 tablespoonfuls of Neroli Water to 2 tablespoonfuls of grain alcohol (vodka) and add 4 drops of Geranium essential oil and 4 drops of Lavender essential oil for a natural eau de toilette (store in the fridge in a spray bottle and shake before use)

Add 2 teaspoonfuls of Neroli Water to 4 tablespoonfuls of Base Formula Cream Base.  Add 2 drops of Rose Absolute essential oil (Geranium essential oil if you haven't got Rose) 1 drop of Frankincense essential oil and one drop of Green Mandarin essential oil. Blend well and use within 12 weeks.

Add Neroli Water to the Base Formula Hand Wash base at 2% plus 0.5% Tea Tree and 1% Palmarosa for a great smelling antibacterial hand wash.

Add 2 tablespoonfuls of Neroli Water to the bath with 6 drops of Ylang Ylang and 2 drops of Cedarwood for courage and strength in times of adversity.
Customer Reviews (view all)

Average Rating 5
RONG SUN, Rated: 5
really great!!
I love it very much ,especially for its smell~~It could act as toner and mask. Really useful for hydrating and brightening the skin. Highly recommend it!!
Geng Sun, Rated: 4
don't quite like the smell of it
It's the first time I bought the Neroli hydrolat. I though it would smell great, but actually I definitely prefer the smell of the rose hydrolat to this one. Not sure if it's because mine was made in May, while the rose one was made in July so it's fresher (I bought them in Aug). But anyway, it's supposed to be soothing and healthy to the skin, and I love making so-called "sandwich mask" with it.
Cheng Zhang, Rated: 5
love this water!
It's a magic water. I use it as the toner after washing face or with aloe vera seaweeds gel for mask. Absolutely hydrating and radiating the skin. The best thing is its price, very economical.

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