Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles smell wonderful and offer an excellent home fragrance solution. Each natural candle is crafted using our 100% pure essential oils and organic waxes. Our aromatherapy candles come in three varieties; choose from stylish Aromapot or Votive candles which are contained within glass vases or travel candles which are housed within reusable plastic containers with handy screw caps. 

These beautifully scented aromatherapy candles can help to transform your home, salon or treatment room! We have a variety of different fragrances to choose from, each with its own unique effect on the mind and body. Choose from calming fragrances to relax and unwind or stimulating aromas to refresh and revitalise. 

Our aromatherapy candles make ideal gifts, and offer an easy way to enjoy the fragrance of pure, therapeutic essential oils without the need for an essential oil burner or diffuser. As you would expect, our natural candles are free of synthetic fragrances and petroleum-based paraffin wax!