• Aroma Stone (UK)

Aroma Stone (UK)

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Aroma Stone electric diffuser/vaporiser for use with aromatherapy essential oils. Gently warms the oils to maximise their fragrance and therapeutic properties. Easy to use and very economical.
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The Aroma Stone is a beautifully designed electric essential oil diffuser that vaporises aromatherapy oils in a safe and silent manner without the need for candles or water.

By slowly heating essential oils in a gentle and controlled manner, the diffuser prevents the oils from getting "too hot” which can change their chemical composition. This produces a pure oil vapour that retains the true aroma and all of the therapeutic properties of the original essential oil.

This diffuser has been crafted using a traditional ceramic glaze that makes it very easy to wipe clean after use. It is powered by mains electricity and runs silently and effectively in the background. Unlike a candle burner it is safe to use around children and can be left unattended. 

How to use

Plug in and pop one or more drops of your chosen essential oil/s onto the stone. Please note the stone will take few minutes to warm up.

The Aroma Stone provides a temperature gradient, with the highest temperatures at the centre of the stone and the coolest towards the rim. This allows you to place heavier oils near the centre and lighter, more volatile oils near the rim. 

You can use undiluted essential oils or you can mix your oils with 1-2 tsps of water which will extend the vaporisation time. For safety always add the water before plugging in, and do not move the stone once water is added and the product plugged in.

To clean, simply wipe down with a damp cloth.

If you don't have time to blend your own oils, or you're not sure how, why not try our Pre-Blended essential oils for a quick and easy solution.

The stone is also suitable for use with fragrance oils but please note these are synthetic chemicals that have no therapeutic value. 

Colour: Blue

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