• Avocado (Unrefined) Carrier Oil

Avocado (Unrefined) Carrier Oil

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Avocado Oil is a luxurious and indulgent carrier oil offering a rich and therapeutic treatment for dry and brittle skin.
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Avocado Oil (Persea Gratissima) is a rich, luxurious and indulgent carrier oil particularly recommended as a moisturising massage oil for people with dry and brittle skin. Note: it is not suitable for oily skin types. Unrefined (cold pressed) Avocado Oil can, to the inexperienced, seem viscous and heavy. However it is this luxuriously rich texture that delivers its nutrient rich and ultra-hydrating properties. It is packed with restorative fatty acids to regenerate youthful texture to the skin and it offers the therapeutic benefits of its high Vitamin E content. Avocado Oil has excellent penetrative powers and a gentle affinity with the skin. Its pond green colour is part of its attraction to those who like their treatments very natural. For those who prefer a more sophisticated visual appearance to their carrier oil then the delicate colour of the significantly more expensive Refined Avocado Oil may be preferable.

Professional Tip: The experts at Base Formula recommend, even for dry skin, that Avocado Oil is best diluted in either Almond or Grapeseed Carrier Oil at 20% or with Jojoba Oil at 10%.

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