• Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella Essential Oil

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Citronella essential oil has a rich, fresh, sweet, lemony aroma. It is most commonly known as an insect repellent but is also used to clear the mind and for its deodorising properties.
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Citronella essential oil is extracted from a hardy grass, native to Sri Lanka and Java. This aromatic essential oil is most widely used as an insect repellant but it can also be used in perfumes, soaps, skin lotions and deodorants.

Although Citronella essential oil has been typecast as an insect repellent (especially for malaria carrying mosquitoes), it can also help to clear the mind, freshen rooms, soften skin and combat oily skin and sweaty feet.
  • Species: Cymbopogon nardus
  • Plant family: Poaceae 
  • Origin: China 
  • Note: Top
  • Extraction method: Steam distilled 
Safety Note:
Citronella oil may irritate sensitive skin. Avoid in pregnancy.
Citronella is a powerful insect repellent that can be brushed on to clothes or hair. When diluted (2 drops to a tablespoonful of oil or cream) it can be applied directly to the skin. Suitable for children, adults and pets but always spot test first
Can help to clear the mind
Citronella oil may be used to help combat excessive perspiration and for balancing oily skin
Blends well with:
Geranium, Lemongrass and Ho Leaf Oil

Allergens Listing:

Geraniol, Farnesol, Linalool, Citronellol, d-limonene

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