• Orange Sweet ORGANIC Essential Oil

Orange Sweet ORGANIC Essential Oil

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Our Organic Orange Sweet essential oil has sweet, fresh aroma with fruity top notes. It is excellent for treating stress, anxiety and insomnia, and is also good for the digestive system. Popular for use with children.
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Our Organic Orange Sweet essential oil is steam-distilled from the peel of almost ripe oranges. It is often called the 'smiley essential oil' due to its cheery and comforting effects. It is a gentle oil that is safe to use with children.

  • Species: Citrus sinensis
  • Plant family: Rutaceae
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Note: Top 
  • Extraction method: Cold pressed


Safety Note:

Non toxic. Patch test first on sensitive skin. Do not use on skin before prolonged exposure to sunlight. 


Organic Orange Sweet essential oil can help to decongest oily/acne prone skin. It also has a general tonic effect that can be beneficial for dry, irritated and mature skin types. 


Orange Sweet has a relaxing, comforting, uplifting effect which can be helpful for stress-related problems and anxiety. It can also be beneficial for insomnia and is particularly good to use with children to help them sleep. 


Organic Orange oil can help to support the immune system and the body's natural elimination of toxins. It is useful for treating digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhoea and cramps. 

Blends well with: Other citruses and spices, also Clary Sage, Myrrh, Geranium, Frankincense

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