• Babyopathy  Mum To Be Gift Set

Babyopathy Mum To Be Gift Set

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Our Babyopathy Mum To Be Pregnancy Gift Set contains our Thin Blue Line, Time to Bloom and Backpacker essential oil blends. Perfect for nurturing expectant mums through trimesters one, two and three. 
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Our Babyopathy Mum To Be Gift Set is the perfect pregnancy gift for expectant mums.

The set contains three pure essential oil blends that will nurture mind and body and soothe discomforts through each stage of your pregnancy journey.

This aromatherapy set contains:-

For Trimester 1 - 5ml Thin Blue Line essential oil with Lavender, Frankincense and Mandarin to aid relaxation, support healthy sleep patterns and soothe the tummy.

For Trimester 2 – 5ml Time to Bloom essential oil with Sweet Orange, Marjoram and Rose to support energy levels and a relaxed, uplifted state of mind as your body blossoms and blooms.

For Trimester 3 – 5ml Backpacker essential oil with Neroli, Sandalwood and Frankincense to soothe your mind and aid relaxation, enabling you to ‘rest and nest’ in those final few weeks.

Our Babyopathy essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy as long as you follow the guidelines provided. Please see each individual product page for further safety advice and information on how to use them correctly.

Safety note: If you haven't used essential oils on your skin prior to getting pregnant we advise that you only use the Thin Blue Line blend for inhalation and diffusion during your first trimester. Thin Blue Line can be used throughout pregnancy, Time to Bloom during trimesters two and three, and Backpacker during trimester three.

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