• Himalayan Pink Salt (500g)

Himalayan Pink Salt (500g)

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Hand-mined, Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the purest salts available. Rich in health-enhancing minerals this therapeutic salt can be blended with essential oils, carrier oils and other cosmetic bases to make your own aromatherapy bath salts.
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Himalayan Pink Salt is hand-mined from ancient sea beds that existed over 250 million years ago before the Himalayan Mountain Range was formed. Protected by layers of lava, snow and ice the crystallised salt beds have been kept in pristine condition, and protected from modern day pollution. This extraordinary salt, which gets its beautiful pink, red colour from iron oxide, is believed to be one of the purest salts in the world. It has been used therapeutically for thousands of years, and was once called 'King Salt' as it was reserved only for royalty.

In keeping with tradition, Himalayan Pink Salt is still hand-extracted, hand-selected, hand-crushed, hand-washed, and dried in the sun, without any mechanical intervention.

Himalayan Pink Salt contains a wealth of minerals and trace elements that have a wide range of nutritional and therapeutic benefits. When consumed or used regularly it is believed to help balance electrolytes and regulate the body's hydration levels; balance pH and neutralise stomach acid; support digestion and help the body to absorb nutrients; eliminate toxins; promote stronger bones and connective tissue; aid muscle regeneration; increase circulation and regulate blood pressure. It is also often used for sinus irrigation, and in crystal lamps to purify the air.

Our Himalayan Pink Salt is ideal for combining with essentials and carrier oils to make your own aromatherapy bath salts. When dissolved in water the salts create a healing mineral infusion that is absorbed into the skin. This not only soothes, hydrates and nourishes the skin, but also aids detoxification and relieves sore muscles - leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalised. The salt can also be used in therapeutic foot soaks and exfoliating body scrubs.

This premium quality salt is suitable for culinary use and internal consumption and can be used for making 'Sole' (pronounced Solay) - a fully saturated solution of water and salt, that has been clinically proven to increase hydration, and stabilise pH and oxidative stress in the human body.

To make your own Sole please see the Recipe Tab.

Please note that this product will be shipped in an aluminium foil pouch. Upon receipt we recommend you store your salt in a cool, dry place, in a non-metal, air-tight container.

How to make Sole

Place an inch of Himalayan Pink Salt in a jar (with non-metal lid).

Add 2 to 3 inches of good quality distilled or spring water to cover the salt and leave overnight.

If all the salt crystals have dissolved the next morning, add a few more. When you have crystals remaining this means that your Sole is ready and that the water is fully saturated with salt (i.e. it can hold no more).

Each morning take 1 tsp of Sole (using a non-metal spoon) and add to a glass of distilled or spring water. This should be drunk before eating or drinking anything else.

The jar can be topped up with water and salt, and kept indefinitely - remembering that you should always have un-dissolved crystals present to ensure that the solution is fully saturated.

Sole Bath

To create a powerful detox bath, brine or Sole bath, place 1kg of Himalayan Pink Salt into a clean bath and add just enough water to cover. Leave for approx 30 minutes to allow the salt to dissolve. Top up the bath with warm water. The water temperature should be approx 37⁰C (normal body temperature). Do not add any other bath products or ingredients. Wash thoroughly before getting in the bath to make sure any residues of toiletries, perfume etc are removed from the skin. Soak in the water for 20 to 30 minutes.

Have a glass of water to hand to drink as you soak, as a salt bath can be quite dehydrating. When getting out, stand up slowly as you may feel a little weak and dizzy.

Please note that a Sole bath can be demanding on the circulatory system. If you have weak or poor circulation, or are pregnant please consult your GP before taking a Sole bath. For a gentler option add only 1-2 cups of salt to the bath water or use in a foot bath.

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