• Peach Kernel Carrier Oil

Peach Kernel Carrier Oil

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Peach Kernel Carrier Oil is the beauty therapist's oil of choice for beauty treatments and manicures.

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Peach Kernel Oil (Prunus persica) is a light, fine textured, golden oil with a delicate, sweet aroma. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, particularly vitamin E, and essential fatty acids which all help to promote the skins natural suppleness and protect from environmental damage and the negative effects of a stressful life. Peach Kernel Oil is mainly used in beauty treatments (particularly facials) as it is easily absorbed by the skin and it is especially recommended for dry, ageing or sensitive skin with thread veins. It is also very helpful in restoring and soothing nail surfaces that have been traumatised by artificial nail treatments. If applied to nails prior to buffing it offers a rich natural shine.

Professional Tip: The experts at Base Formula recommend using Peach Kernel Carrier Oil on its own or blended with relevant essential oils for facial and manicure treatments.
Historical Note: The Romans were first to recognise the beneficial properties of Peach Kernal Oil. They brought it direct from Persia during the reign of the Emperor Claudius and it was a prized beauty treatment. It has been used as a moisturiser and beauty product ingredient in every civilisation since. In England it became popular in the first half of the sixteenth century and has been used for skin care ever since.

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