• Peanut Carrier Oil

Peanut Carrier Oil

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Peanut Oil is a popular choice for sports massage therapists and cutting edge masseurs.
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Peanut Oil otherwise known as Groundnut Oil (Arachis Hypogaea) is a gentle, soothing and ultra-hydrating carrier oil. It contains omega oils, vitamin A  and high levels of vitamin E which protects the skin from damaging free radicals and helps prevent wrinkles. It is ideal for sun damaged skin and can also be used as a hair conditioning treatment and for cleansing and moisturising acne/blackhead prone skin.

Peanut oil is a popular massage oil for sports massage therapists working on the legs and feet of runners. It is also said to be effective in treating arthritis. The oil has an interesting texture which combines viscosity with ease of application.

Often used in soap making.

Professional Tip: The experts at Base Formula recommend using Peanut Oil on its own or blended 50/50 with another oil such as Almond Oil. Spot test recommended when using professionally because of the risk of allergy.

Natural Dandruff Treatment

Take 30ml Peanut Oil and mix in 1 tsp Lemon juice, 6 drops Tea Tree essential oil and 6 drops Lime essential oil. Mix well and massage into a damp scalp. Leave on for 2 hours with a shower cap or towel wrapped around the head to keep in the warmth. Wash and condition as normal (with SLS free Shampoo). 

Rich Face Cream for mature/scarred/blemished skin

Combine 60ml Organic Moisturising Cream, 10ml Peanut Oil, 15 drops Lavender essential oil, 12 Geranium, 6 Patchouli, 4 Benzoin and 4 Rose.

Nourishing Body Oil

Blend 80ml Peanut Oil, 10ml Argan Oil, 10ml Jojoba and 20ml Evening Primrose Oil with 20 drops Lavender essential oil, 10 Bergamot, 10 Geranium, 8 Frankincense and 6 Neroli.

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