Evening Primrose Carrier Oil

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Evening Primrose Carrier Oil has excellent moisturising properties and is beneficial in reducing the signs of ageing and skin damage.
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Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis) Oil, once known as the "Kings Cure All”, is very high in gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is an essential fatty acid (Omega-6) which is renowned for keeping the skin healthy. GLA plays an important role in maintaining a youthful complexion and repairing damaged skin. 

We recommend using our Evening Primrose oil diluted at 10-20% in other carrier oils, creams, lotions or balms. Its exceptionally fine texture and nourishing qualities make it popular in beauty treatments for softening, soothing, moisturising and boosting the skin's natural elasticity. It is excellent for skin that is showing signs of ageing, or skin that is dry, damaged, scarred or inflamed. It can also help treat chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

In addition to its skincare benefits, Evening Primrose oil is thought to help balance hormonal fluctuations and reduce hyperactivity in infants and children.

Facial Oil For Dry/Sensitive Skin

Mix 5ml Evening Primrose, 5ml Jojoba and 20ml of Apricot Kernel Oil. Add 2 drops of Roman Chamomile essential oil, 2 Neroli, 2 Rose, 5 Lavender and 4 Sandalwood. Massage into the face and neck with the fingertips. Leave on for 20 minutes and blot off any excess oil with a tissue. Use 3 times a week in the evening after cleansing.

Hand Cream for Dry Cracked Gardeners Hands

Mix 5ml melted Beeswax and 10ml melted Extra Virgin Coconut Butter, 5ml Evening Primrose and 5ml Neem Oil. Add 4 drops of Benzoin essential oil, 4 Myrrh and 10 Lavender. Pour into a jar and allow to cool. Use regularly and remember to apply BEFORE gardening as well as afterwards. Massage in a protective layer of cream before popping on your gardening gloves - this will give those painful cracks a chance to heal!

Calming Massage Oil for Hyperactive Children

Mix 10ml Evening Primrose, 10ml Olive Oil, 4 drops Spike Lavender essential oil (Lavandula latifolia) and 2 drops Roman Chamomile. Massage in after their bedtime bath – especially in to the feet and the tummy - remembering to massage the tummny in a clockwise rotation.

Foot Balm for Sore Feet & Cracked Heels

Mix 5ml Neem Oil, 5ml Avocado Oil and 5ml Evening Primrose with 50ml Aloe Vera & Seaweed Gel. Add 10 drops of Lavender essential oil, 7 Tea Tree, 5 Benzoin, 5 Myrrh and 3 Peppermint. Mix well and apply after a bath or shower – making sure that you dry thoroughly between the toes and that the dry skin on the heals is rasped/filed down to prevent any cracks deepening. Taking an GLA supplement is also indicated for dry cracked skin on the hands and feet.

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