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Galangal Essential Oil

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Galangal essential oil has a fresh, spicy, camphorous aroma. It has similar properties to Ginger essential oil and is particularly beneficial for digestive upsets.
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Galangal is a tropical reed-like plant with irregularly branched rhizomes (mass of roots) that is native to south-east Asia. It is a relative of the ginger plant and has been used an important culinary and healing spice for hundreds of years. 

There are two main types of galangal - Greater Galangal (Alpinia galangal) and Lesser Galangal (Alpinia officinarum). Used widely in Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian and Chinese food each offers a slightly different flavour, with lesser galangal being more of a cross between pepper and ginger and greater galangal being more lemony and a mix between ginger and cardamom.

Along with Ginger, Galangal spread to Europe via the spice trade routes where it became an important medicinal spice. Hildegard of Bingen, the famous Benedictine abbess and healer, held galangal’s healing properties in high regard, describing it as ‘a miracle root’ and ‘the spice of life’. She recommended it for a variety of ailments including bad breath, fever, digestive problems, and for strengthening a ‘weakened heart’. The spice is also mentioned in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and is used quite frequently in The Forme of Cury, a recipe book written in 1390 by the cooks of Richard II.

As with all exotic ingredients, galangal enjoyed a reputation for being powerful in European ‘magic’. It was used for protection and health; as an aphrodisiac to encourage lust and desire; to attract money; to enhance and strengthen psychic powers and for breaking evil or malevolent spells. 

Our Galangal essential oil is steam distilled from the rhizomes (roots) of lesser galangal (Alpinia officinarum) also known as Chinese Ginger. The oil possesses similar properties to those of Ginger essential oil.

  • Species: Alpinia officinarum
  • Plant family: Zingiberaceae
  • Origin: India
  • Note: Middle
  • Extraction method: Steam distilled


Safety Note:
Avoid during pregnancy and while breast feeding. Do not use on children
Galangal is a stimulating essential oil that can be beneficial for fatigue
Galangal is beneficial for the digestive system and is indicated in the British herbal Pharmacopoeia for dyspepsia (indigestion), flatulence, colic, nausea, and vomiting including travel sickness. It can also be helpful for the circulation, stiff joints and muscles, the immune system and common colds.
Blends well with:               
Chamomile, Cinnamon, Lavender, Pine, Rosemary

To relieve fatigue

  • Diffuser: In the morning, diffuse a beautiful blend of 3 drops Galangal, 3 drops Lime and 2 drops Rosemary mixed in water in an electrical diffuser or candle burner to help dispel any mental and physical fatigue on waking.
  • Bath: For fatigue that just doesn’t disappear, try a daily relaxing bath with 3 drops Lavender, 3 drops Chamomile and 1 drop Galangal in 15ml SLS Free Bath & Shower Gel or Bath Oil (or half a cup of full fat milk), poured into the warm, running water. Shut doors and windows and inhale the aromas to allow yourself some space.

For the digestive system

  • Diffuser: Mix 3 drops Galangal, 3 drops Mandarin and 2 drops Ginger with water in an electrical diffuser or candle burner when you are feeling nauseous. You could also pop a few drops of the same blend in an aromatherapy inhaler to use while out and about - particularly useful for travel sickness.
  • Massage: Mix 2 drops each of Galangal, Chamomile and Lavender with 15ml Grapeseed oil and massage into your abdomen in a gentle clockwise motion and chest in direction towards the heart to soothe any indigestion, flatulence or colic symptoms.

To aid circulation - stiff muscles & joints

  • Massage: Mix 15ml Grapeseed with 3 drops Galangal, 2 drops Cinnamon and 1 drop Lavender and massage into the affected area to stimulate blood flow.
  • Gel: You could also mix 3 drops Galangal and 3 drops Sweet Marjoram into 15ml of Aloe Vera & Seaweed Gel and apply to the affected area as needed.

To boost immunity

  • Diffuse: 3 drops Galangal, 3 drops Sweet Orange and 2 drops Pine for half an hour daily to boost your immune system
  • Smelling Salts: Add half a cup of Himalayan Pink Salt to a glass bowl and mix in 5 drops Galangal, 5 drops Lemon and 10 drops Lime. Place in your room for a lovely fresh, cleansing scent.

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