• Isopropyl Alcohol 99.8% (100ml)

Isopropyl Alcohol 99.8% (100ml)

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Isopropyl Alcohol (99.8%) suitable for making alcohol-based hand sanitiser. 
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Following many requests from customers for an alcohol-based hand sanitiser we have decided to temporarily source Isopropyl Alcohol. This isn’t a product we would ordinarily sell but given the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in we have taken the decision to source for customers wishing to make their own hand sanitiser. 

Isopropyl alcohol is commonly mixed with water and used as an antiseptic rubbing-alcohol. It is also used as an ingredient in hand sanitisers, aftershave lotions, hand lotions and other cosmetics.

In order to be effective, an alcohol-based hand sanitiser must contain between 62% to 70% alcohol. The Isopropyl alcohol can be mixed with distilled water, but to counteract the harshness of the alcohol on the skin, experts recommend blending it with aloe vera gel. Essential oils can be added for additional therapeutic properties and for a more pleasant fragrance.

How to make your own hand sanitiser

  • Ensure that your hands, workspace and utensils are clean.
  • Add 35ml Isopropyl Alcohol, 10ml distilled water and 10ml Aloe Vera Gel to a mixing bowl or jug (ideally with a pouring spout). Mix well with a spoon or whisk until fully combined.
  • Optional: add 10-20 drops of essential oil (1-2% dilution) and mix in well.
  • Pour into a clean bottle and use as required.
  • To use, pour into one palm and rub thoroughly into both hands until the skin is dry (approximately 60 seconds).

Important note: 

Hand sanitisers may not work as effectively when hands are heavily soiled or greasy. Experts recommend that hand sanitiser should only be used as an alternative when hand washing isn’t possible. Washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the most effective way of protecting against COVID-19. 


Do not use this product neat. Ensure it is diluted with distilled water or aloe vera gel as instructed above.

Keep away from children and avoid contact with eyes. Can cause serious eye irritation. 

Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Keep away from heat and open flames.

May cause drowsiness and dizziness if inhaled.

To prevent evaporation, replace the lid immediately after use.

Not suitable for internal consumption.

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