• Green Clay Face Mask Kit

Green Clay Face Mask Kit

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Green Clay Face Mask Kit - Treat yourself to a deep-cleansing face mask using Aloe Vera & Seaweed Gel with Honeysuckle Extract, Ultra Fine French Green Clay and your preferred choice of Hydrolat.

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Our Green Clay Face Mask Kit contains a fine selection of natural-based skin care products that you can use to maintain a bright and healthy complexion. 

The kit Includes: Aloe Vera & Seaweed Gel with Honeysuckle Extract (500ml), Ultra Fine French Green Clay (50g) and your choice of Hydrolat (200ml).

Our Aloe Vera & Seaweed Gel and French Green Clay can be combined to create a deep cleansing face mask to purify, nourish and revitalise the skin. The hydrolat can be used as a gentle eye mask, and as a natural skin toner to complete your facial treatment.

Green Clay is intensely absorbent, helping to draw our dirt, impurities and excess oil. It is therefore particularly beneficial for use on oily, congested or blemish prone skin.

To complement the treatment we recommend Witch Hazel or Orange Flower Hydrolat for oily skin types, and Witch Hazel or Lavender Hydrolat for blemish or acne prone skin. Lavender Hydrolat is particularly useful if the acne is hormone related. If you have a preference for Rose Hydrolat then this can also be useful for oily and blemish prone skin.

For combination, dry or sensitive skin please try our Kaolin Clay Face Mask Kit.

How to create your face mask! 

  1. Cleanse face thoroughly.
  2. For a fully-setting face mask mix 2 parts clay to 1 part gel. You will typically need 2-3 tsps of clay per mask. Mix thoroughly as the clay will take a little time to reach the right consistency. For a softer mask that isn't fully-setting, mix equal parts of clay and gel. 
  3. Using a mask brush, apply a thin layer to the face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area. If you don't have a brush you can simply use your fingers. 
  4. Soak two cotton pads with hydrolat and place over the eyes.
  5. Relax and leave in place for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Gently remove the mask using warm water and cotton pads / face cloth.
  7. Tone the skin with cotton pads soaked in hydrolat.
  8. Moisturise as normal.

Click the video tab to watch a video demonstration of how to make your own clay face mask.

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