• Compressed Face Mask Sheets (pack of 10)

Compressed Face Mask Sheets (pack of 10)

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Our Face Mask Sheets are 100% knitted cotton sheets that are compressed into a handy, travel size, tablet form. Simply soak the tablet in one of our hydrolats / hydrosols or any other liquid that you want to nourish your skin with and place over the face.

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Compressed Face Mask Sheets offer a cheap and effective way to enjoy a nourishing, hydrating face mask at home. Made from 100% pure cotton knitted sheets, these masks are compressed into a tablet form that slowly expands when placed in liquid. Simply soak a face mask tablet in your choice of hydrolat (hydrosol), toner or any other suitable liquid – you can even try experimenting with household ingredients such as milk and honey!

Our Face Mask Sheets are individually sealed in a plastic pod. Simply remove the seal and pour your chosen liquid into the pod. Once the face mask sheet has expanded place it carefully onto the face and relax for 10-15 minutes to leave your skin feeling wonderfully refreshed and revitalized. For an ultra-hydrating facial mask, try applying one of our Aloe Vera Gels underneath the mask to maximise the nourishing effects. Click on the ‘video’ tab to watch our video demonstration.

Please note that our Face Mask Towels are made in China and that they are stocked by Base Formula due to popular demand!

Hydrating Sandwich Face Mask

Apply a layer of our Aloe Vera & Seaweed Gel* to the face and neck and soak a Compressed Face Mask Sheet in the hydrolat of your choice until it has fully expanded. Carefully unfold the sheet and place over the face. Leave for 10-15 minutes then remove and massage in any remaining gel. See video tab for more info.

*You could also use our Neroli or Rose Hydrating Gels

Anti-Ageing Sheet Mask

Mix 5ml Vegetable Glycerine, 5ml Rosehip Seed Oil, 5ml Rose Otto Hydrolat and 1 drop each of Frankincense, Neroli and Rose essential oil. Soak the Face Mask Sheet in the serum blend and use as per the above. 

Tip: Soak a couple of cotton pads in hydrolat and place these over the eyes while your mask is in place.

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