• Tangerine Essential Oil

Tangerine Essential Oil

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Tangerine essential oil has a fresh, sweet, orange-like aroma. Tangerine is ideal for people who are feeling physically and emotionally low and is also beneficial as a tonic for the digestive system.
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A tangerine is almost the same as a mandarin except that the fruit is slightly more orange in colour, has no pips and is harvested at a different time of year. Tangerine and Mandarin are actually considered the same botanical species although there is a slight difference in fragrance between the two essential oils - with Tangerine being slightly tangier than Mandarin.

Tangerine essential oil is a lively and exquisitely scented oil that can help to brighten and lift the mood, diffuse anxiety and restore confidence. It is ideal for people who are feeling physically and emotionally low. It is gentle enough to use on children and is a popular aromatherapy oil to use during convalescence. Many aromatherapists use it in conjunction with Lavender essential oil to help lift the spirits of clients who are enduring hospital treatment. Tangerine can be used as a tonic to help with the digestive system and is also very good for the skin. Tangerine essential oil is very fashionable as a scent  and makes a great addition to massage oil blends and natural toiletry products.

  • Species: Citrus reticulata
  • Plant family: Rutaceae
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Note: Top
  • Extraction method: Expressed


Safety Note:
Avoid in massage blends if skin is over sensitive and avoid the sun for 24 hours after using on the skin
Tangerine essential oil has antiseptic and toning properties which make it useful for treating acne and congested skin. It is also reputed to help prevent stretch marks
Tangerine oil can help soothe the nervous system and lift the spirits. Its sedative properties can also help to switch off an over-active mind and help with insomnia
Tangerine essential oil is a mild antispasmodic that can be helpful for muscle pain and cramps. It has a stimulating, tonic effect on the digestive system and is helpful for most digestive upsets including constipation, flatulence and stomach cramps. It also has a mild diuretic effect and can help stimulate the lymphatic system to aid detoxification.
Blends well with:
Geranium, Rose, Lavender and Ylang Ylang

Allergens Listing:

Limonene 95%, Linalool 0.5%

Uplifting, yet soothing shower gel

Add 3 drops Tangerine essential oil and 2 drops Lime to 15ml of SLS Free Shower Gel for an uplifting boost that sets you up for the day!

Diffuser blend for restful sleep

Combine 2 drops Tangerine, 3 drops Lavender and 2 drops Ylang Ylang in an essential oil burner or aromatherapy diffuser before bed, to aid a more restful night’s sleep.

Massage blend for digestive balance

To stimulate a sluggish digestive system and to ease stomach cramps mix 3 drops Tangerine with 3 drops Grapefruit in 15ml of Aloe Vera Gel and massage into the tummy area with clockwise circles.

Massage blend for muscle pain and detox

Being a mild-anti-spasmodic and lymphatic system stimulant, Tangerine is also useful for the muscles. To help detoxify the body and ease muscle pain mix 3 drops Tangerine, 2 drops Juniperberry and 1 drop Plai in 15ml of base oil. Apply to affected area for muscle pain, or the whole body if you're looking for a detox.

If using for detox you may wish to try dry body brushing first to further stimulate the lymphatic system. Use a natural bristle brush and lightly brush your skin in a direction towards the heart. Start applying the oil, again in a direction toward the heart. Gently stroke up to the back of your knees, into your groin, the crease of your elbows, and your armpits to stimulate the lymph nodes.

Skin cleanser and toner

To cleanse the skin add 1 drop Tangerine to 5ml of Micellar Water. You can also add 1 drop to 5ml of your preferred hydrolat for use as a separate skin toner.

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