• Valerian Root Essential Oil

Valerian Root Essential Oil

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Valerian Root essential oil has a rich, deep, woody, musky aroma that you’ll either love or hate. It is one of the most widely used natural sedatives in Europe and is commonly used to aid relaxation and to help treat insomnia.

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Valerian is a perennial herb with short rhizomes, aromatic feathery leaves and clusters of small pink or white flowers that bloom from June through to September. The plant is native to Europe, North America, and the northern part of Asia. Valerian essential oil is steam distilled from the plant’s rhizomes (roots).

Valerian has been used as a medicinal herb since ancient times. Both Hippocrates and Galen recommended Valerian as a remedy for insomnia and it has been used for similar purposes in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Valerian was also used in many traditional love potions and aphrodisiacs. 

The name Valerian is derived from the Latin verb 'valere' which means 'to be well' or 'to feel good'. The name reflects the medicinal properties of the herb which was also known to herbalists as 'all heal'.

Today the herb is commonly used in herbal remedies, supplements and teas for sleep disorders, anxiety and psychological stress.

  • Species: Valeriana officinalis
  • Plant family: Valerianaceae
  • Origin: China
  • Note: Base
  • Extraction method: Steam distilled


Safety Note:
Non-toxic. Possible skin sensitization. Do not use during pregnancy. Do not use in combination with pharmaceutical sedatives, antidepressants, or alcohol.
Valerian Root essential oil has been used for skin complaints, such as ulcers, eczema and minor sores and (closed) wounds.

Valerian is a calming and grounding essential oil with tranquilizing properties. It can help to calm and relax the nervous system and can be beneficial for anxiety, stress, depression, restlessness, insomnia and for helping people cope with emotional trauma and tension.

Valerian Root essential oil can assist with pain relief and relax spasms. It is can be used to treat migraines, PMS and painful periods. It can also help to lower blood pressure, stimulate the appetite, improve digestion and help combat stress-related indigestion.

Blends well with:
Cedarwood, Lavender, Mandarin, Pine

Allergens Listing:

Limonene 2%

For anxiety

  • Diffuse: 3 drops Valerian, 3 drops Mandarin and 2 drop Chamomile in a candle burner or aromatherapy diffuser.
  • Bath: 2 drops Valerian, 3 drops Lavender and 3 drops Bergamot mixed in half a cup of full fat milk, poured into the warm, running water. Shut doors and windows and inhale the aromas for deep relaxation.

For calming the nervous system

  • Massage: 2 drops Valerian, 2 drops Chamomile and 2 drops Sandalwood mixed in 15ml Grapeseed. Massage into the skin in direction towards the heart.
  • Diffuse: 3 drops Valerian, 2 drops Clary Sage and 2 drops Lavender in a candle burner or aromatherapy diffuser.

For insomnia

  • Diffuse: 3 drops Valerian, 3 drops Rose Geranium and 2 drops Mandarin.
  • Pillow Spritz: Mix 15 drops Lavender, 10 drops Ylang Ylang and 5 drops Valerian in a spray bottle with 100ml Lavender Hydrolat. Spritz onto pillow before bed and as needed.

For emotional trauma and depression

  • Aromatherapy inhaler: Add 2 drop Valerian and 1 drop Rose into an inhaler stick and sniff as needed throughout the day.
  • Diffuse: 3 drops Valerian, 2 drops Mandarin and 2 drops Cypress.

For pain relief

  • Compress: 2 drops Valerian, 2 drops Sweet Marjoram and 2 drops Chamomile in water to make a hot or cold compress as required.
  • Massage: 2 drops Valerian, 2 drops Lavender and 2 drops Frankincense mixed in 15ml Grapeseed oil. Massage into the affected area in a direction towards the heart.

For headaches

  • Diffuse: 2 drops Valerian, 2 drops Lavender and 2 drops Basil.

For skin disorders

  • Skin Gel: Mix 2 drops Valerian and 2 drops Lavender in 15ml Aloe Vera Gel. Apply to ulcers, eczema, minor sores and closed wounds.

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