• Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage Essential Oil

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Clary Sage essential oil has a dry, musky, bittersweet floral aroma. It has a euphoric effect and can be beneficial for depression, anxiety and female-related problems.
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The therapeutic qualities of Clary Sage essential oil have been recognised since the birth of Christ. It was an Anglo Saxon sacred herb and by the 16th century it was widely known as a therapeutic tonic. Affectionately known as 'clear eye', Clary Sage was used in medieval times for clearing foreign bodies from the eyes.

Clary Sage is perhaps the most powerful relaxant of all the essential oils, making it particularly useful for a range of stress-related problems.  It is described as having a 'euphoric' effect, similar to that of consuming alcohol. It has all of the qualities of Sage oil, and more, but is considered non-toxic and safer to use.

  • Species: Salvia sclarea
  • Plant family: Lamiaceae
  • Origin: France
  • Note: Top to Middle
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distilled


Safety Note:
Not suitable for use during pregnancy. Avoid in conjunction with alcohol. May cause drowsiness in some so best avoided before driving. May also cause vivid dreams.
Clary Sage essential oil has astringent properties and is beneficial for oily skin and scalp conditions
Clary Sage has a euphoric, antidepressant effect and a calming, sedating influence on the nerves and emotions making it helpful for anxiety, depression and other stress-related problems.
Clary Sage oil can be helpful with female related problems such as PMS/PMT, painful periods, irregular periods, scanty menstruation, the menopause and to aid relaxation during labor, thus encouraging a less painful birth (also widely used by pregnant women who are past their due date to encourage labor). It is a powerful muscle relaxant which can help with muscle pain, tension and spasm and has aphrodisiac properties which are particularly helpful where sexual problems are related to stress. It is also a useful tonic to use during convalescence or after childbirth.
Blends well with:
Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood

Allergens Listing:

Geraniol 2.2%, Limonene 1%, Linalool 24%. 

For Muscular Tension & Period Pains

Dissolve 2 cups of Himalayan Pink Salt in hot water in the base of the bath. Once dissolved run the rest of the bath. Mix 10ml full fat milk with 8 drops of Lavender essential oil, 3 Clary Sage and 3 Marjoram. Add to the water and agitate gently to disperse. Soak for 20 minutes.

For Mood Swings, Anxiety and Stress

Mix 30ml Grapeseed Oil, 4 drops Tangerine, 4 Geranium, 3 Clary Sage and 2 Neroli and use for massage.

Add 5 drops of Frankincense, 4 Tangerine, 4 Patchouli and 3 Clary Sage to an aromatherapy burner or diffuser.

For Aiding Sleep

Mix 20ml of Sweet Almond Oil with 4 drops Clary Sage, 3 Valerian, 3 Vetivert and 2 Lavender. Use for body massage or apply in small amounts to the temples and pulse points before bed.

Aphrodisiac Massage Oil (euphoric, antidepressant and stress relieving)

Mix 30ml Sweet Almond Oil, 6 drops of Bergamot, 4 Clary Sage and 2 Jasmine.

For Balancing Hormones / Menopause

Mix 50ml of Shower Gel or 50ml of carrier oil with 5 drops Ylang Ylang, 3 Jasmine and 2 Clary Sage. Use a small amount in the shower or bath, or for massage.

For Pain & Stress Relief During Labour

Mix 30ml of Sweet Almond Oil with 4 drops Lavender, 1 Clary Sage and 1 Jasmine and use for massage. Note this should only be used during labour or after the baby's due date. This equates to a 1% dilution which is generally recommended during pregnancy.

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