• Marjoram (Sweet) Essential Oil

Marjoram (Sweet) Essential Oil

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Sweet Marjoram essential oil has a warm, woody, spicy and mildly camphoraceous aroma. It has a warming, soothing and fortifying effect and is most commonly used as an analgesic and nervous sedative.
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Marjoram is a bushy herb native to Mediterranean regions. The herb has oval leaves and small white flowers and has a long tradition in culinary use and as a 'folk' remedy. It was used by the ancient Greeks in fragrances, cosmetics and medicines (its original name comes from a greek word meaning 'joy of the mountains'). It was used in mediaeval Europe too, as a 'strewing herb', and in brewing before the advent of hops. They also used it medicinally to relieve pain and promote good health.
Sweet Marjoram essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the herb's leaves and the flowering tops, with the main geographical sources being France, Spain, Hungary and Egypt. 

In modern aromatherapy Sweet Marjoram essential oil is considered to have warming, calming and fortifying properties. It has an affinity with the joints and muscles and the respiratory system as well as a soothing effect on the mind and body.

  • Species: Origanum majorana
  • Plant family: Lamiaceae
  • Origin: Egypt
  • Note: Middle
  • Extraction method: Steam distilled


Safety Note:
Non toxic. Do not use during pregnancy.
Sweet Marjoram essential oil can help to improve circulation and the appearance of grey, cold skin. 
Sweet Marjoram oil has a calming effect on the emotions and can help with nervous anxiety, fear, grief, low self- esteem, night wakings or restlessness. Its sedative action makes it a popular essential oil to use before bed.
Sweet Marjoram essential oil is most commonly used as an analgesic - being helpful for muscular and arthritic pain as well as headaches. Its relaxant, antispasmodic properties are also beneficial for muscle cramps and spasms including period pain. Also good for respiratory problems such as coughs, colds, sinusitis, asthma and bronchitis and reducing high blood pressure. Its emmenagogue properties make it useful for regulating the menstrual cycle and for menopausal problems.
Blends well with:
Basil, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Cypress, Fennel, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Rosemary and Tea Tree.

Allergens Listing:

Geraniol 0.3%, Limonene 5%, Linalool 25% 

Stress Headache Balm

Mix 5ml Aloe Vera & Rose Hydrating Gel, 10 drops Sweet Marjoram, 5 drops and 2 drops Neroli. Mix well and massage into temples, tight jaw muscles and the back of the neck. Whilst you are activating acupressure points, the calming effect of these oils should help unwind tension and ease pain. Remember the headache might be caused by dehydration so make sure you drink plenty of water.

Tickly Cough Inhalation

Have you got one of those coughs that just won't stop? If your chest feels tight and congested, try 5 drops Sweet Marjoram, 3 Frankincense and 2 Eucalyptus in a bowl of steaming hot water. Inhale for 5 minutes with a towel over your head. You can also vaporise the same oils in the bedroom at night.

Period Pain Compress / Aromatic Bath

Pop 6 drops of Sweet Marjoram and 4 drops Clary Sage into a bowl of hot water. Take a clean cloth and swirl it around in the water. Squeeze out excess water and place the cloth on the lower back and abdomen to ease spasms. Repeat when the cloth starts to cool. Alternatively, run a warm bath, mix 15ml of Bath Oil or Shower Gel with 5 drops Lavender, 5 drops Sweet Marjoram and 2 drops Clary Sage and add to the bath once the water has run.

Natural Sleep Remedy Massage Oil For Insomnia

If you have difficulty sleeping, or “switching off” your mind, try a regular massage with 5 drops Lavender, 5 drops Sweet Marjoram, 5 drops Bergamot and 2 drops Neroli in 30ml base oil. The same essential oils can also be vaporised in your bedroom up to an hour before bed.

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