• Fennel (Sweet) Essential Oil

Fennel (Sweet) Essential Oil

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Fennel essential oil has a sweet, earthy, anise like aroma. It has an affinity with the digestive system and has been used since medieval times to convey longevity, courage and strength.
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Fennel is a biennial or perennial herb with green, feathery leaves and golden yellow flowers. Fennel essential oil is steam distilled from the plant's crushed fruit (dried seeds). Fennel has been used since medieval times to ward off evil spirits and it was a popular herb with the ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Romans, who believed it conveyed longevity, courage and strength. Fennel seeds have also been used for hundreds of years as a digestive aid.
Sweet Fennel essential oil is a stimulating and balancing aromatherapy oil. It has an affinity with the digestive system and can be helpful for a range of digestive problems. Fennel is also believed to have a positive influence on self-esteem and confidence.

  • Species: Foeniculum vulgare
  • Plant family: Apiaceae 
  • Origin: France 
  • Note: Middle
  • Extraction method: Steam distilled


Safety Note:
Avoid during pregnancy and if you suffer from epilepsy. Do not use with children under 6 years old.
Fennel essential oil is a good skin tonic and can be beneficial for dull, and tired skin. It can also help with puffy areas i.e. eyes and thighs as it helps to reduce water retention
Fennel essential oil is believed to boost courage, resolve and strength during difficult times
Fennel essential oil has long been used as an appetite suppressant and is believed by some to help with weight loss. It is beneficial for the digestive system and is believed to be a tonic for fatigue. It is also one of the best detoxifying essential oils and is much used in lymphatic drainage massage. It can also help to regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce water retention and ease the unpleasant symptoms associated with PMT and the menopause
Blends well with:
Spearmint and Lime

Allergens Listing:

Limonene 4%

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