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Chamomile Hydrolat (Hydrosol) has a calming influence on the mind and body. It is ideal for sensitive, dry, itchy and irritated skin conditions.
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Chamomile Hydrolat (Hydrosol) has a fresh, slightly "grassy" aroma that can be described as both mild and distinctive. It is renowned for its soothing effect which helps to calm both mind and body. Chamomile Hydrolat is frequently used as a natural cleanser and skin toner and is particularly suited to dry, sensitive or irritated skin.


This popular hydrosol derives from the delicate white petals of the roman chamomile flower (Anthemis nobilis). Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs and can be traced back as far as the ancient Egyptians who used it as a cure for fever and for cosmetic purposes! It is also believed that the essence was used as a primary ingredient in their embalming oil.


Chamomile Hydrolat has wonderful healing, restorative properties which are ideal for dry, sensitive and problem skin types. Its gentle anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action also helps to soothe inflamed, irritated skin conditions including acne, blemishes, nappy rash and skin allergies such as eczema.

It is most commonly used a natural skin toner to calm and restore the skin. Apply to the face with a cotton pad after cleansing. Alternatively use an atomiser and spray a fine mist onto the face, keeping your eyes closed.

It can also be used to soothe tired eyes: Soak two cotton pads and rest them over the eyes for 10-15 minutes. The calming properties of the Chamomile will help to reduce inflammation and puffiness.


Finding it difficult to wind down before bed or to maintain a deep restorative sleep cycle? Try spraying Chamomile Hydrosol onto your pillows. The soothing fragrance is widely reputed to calm the mind and promote restful sleep. It can also be useful for calming overactive children.


To provide headache and migraine relief, simply soak a clean cloth within the liquid and apply as a compress to the temples. The fresh, soothing quality of the Hydrosol will help to relieve tension and promote a sense of calm.

Safety Note

Spot test before using on sensitive skin or infants.

Aqua, Anthemis nobilis
Men often like the aroma of Chamomile Hydrolat so it makes an effective aftershave soother for skin that is sensitive, red or blemished. Splash or spritz on to the skin after shaving.

Women can also use Chamomile hydrolat after shaving or waxing to calm redness - add 2 drops of Tea Tree essential oil per 15ml of hydrolat and use as an antiseptic splash or spray.

Use as a skin toner to soothe and calm irritated, red and inflamed skin. Use as it comes or add 1 drop of Spearmint essential oil to 5ml of Chamomile Hydrolat.

Add 2 tablespoonfuls of Chamomile Hydrolat to the bath to calm overactive children prior to sleep or to soothe irritated skin problems such as eczema or nappy rash.

Spray directly onto bed linen to calm and comfort prior to a good night's sleep or make up the following Sleep Spritz blend: 100ml of Chamomile Hydrolat, 5 drops of Roman Chamomile, 5 Lavender and either 5 drops of Mandarin OR Ylang Ylang.

To soothe sunburn mix 100ml of Chamomile Hydrolat in a spray bottle with up to 30 drops total of Peppermint and Lavender essential oil. Keep in the fridge if you can and spritz onto over-exposed or irritated skin.

For a soothing allergy spritz mix 100ml Chamomile Hydrolat with up to 30 drops total of Chamomile (anti-inflammatory) and Lavender (antihistamine) essential oils. Spot test first as Chamomile can trigger hay fever in some people. 

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