Essential oil of the month - Jasmine

Jasmine Absolute Oil is an absolute joy to use for both its wonderful sensual scent and its powerful therapeutic qualities! Some people find its fragrance overwhelming, but when it is diluted it becomes more subtle with sweet, floral, exotic top notes and heady, warm, honeyed undertones.

Its romantic aroma comes from the highly complex range of natural constituents, and once experienced one quickly realises why Jasmine has been viewed as one of the most fragrant, aphrodisiac oils since ancient times.

The essential oil is extracted from the plant's delicate white flowers, which are gathered at night when the perfume is at its strongest - this is why the plant is known as  'queen of the night' in India. The night-time harvesting also adds to its romantic connotations as well as its expense!!

Jasmine Absolute is similar to other fragile flower essences, in that only a very tiny amount is required to initiate therapeutic responses, as well as its full perfumery potential.

Synthetic Jasmine bears no resemblance to the “real thing”, smelling rather like a blend that has oxidized – it is sweet and sickly and should never be confused with the real thing.

There are over 40 species of Jasmine grown all over the world – although only 3 are grown for commercial cultivation - mainly in India, France and Egypt.

Its main therapeutic qualities are:

  • Anti-depressant aphrodisiac, for nervousness, depression, lack of confidence, tension, anxiety, fear, “performance anxiety” – it is said to “strengthen the male organs”
  • Musculoskeletal relaxant with a mildly warming action
  • For mature, sensitive, combination skin conditions.


  • Moisture Cream for dry/combination skin: Blend 50ml Moisturising Cream with 2 drops Jasmine, 4 Patchouli & 6 Geranium.
  • Massage blend for muscular tension/stress: Mix 30ml base oil with 2 drops Jasmine, 1 Black Pepper & 8 Lavender
  • Massage blend for depression, tension/stress: Mix 30ml base oil with 2 drops Jasmine, 1 Ginger, 4 Bergamot & 6 Sandalwood.

Pure Jasmine Absolute is very expensive to produce as it takes a huge amount of flowers to produce just a small amount of oil. Labour costs are also high as the flowers have to be harvested at night, when their scent is strongest. For a more affordable option you might like to try our Jasmine Light which is diluted at 5% in Jojoba.

Joannah Metcalfe
Consultant Aromatherapist

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