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New Product Verification System

New Product Verification SystemDecember 2012 Dear Customers Important announcement for customers in Mainland China We are pleased to confirm the introduction of our unique product verification system for customers in China. From December 2012 all BF Aromatherapy products made in the UK for Mainland China will now carry a BF Aromatherapy verification label (see example below) for added security. This means that our Chinese customers can check that the product they have purchased is a genuine BF Aromatherapy product made in the UK by Base Formula Ltd.

Change of trading name in mainland China to BF Aromatherapy

Change of trading name in mainland China to BF AromatherapyDue to Chinese Law Base Formula Ltd in the UK is no longer able to use its own name within mainland China. This means that all genuine, UK manufactured Base Formula products in China will be sold under a new name which is BF Aromatherapy.
The Base Formula Ltd products that you know and love will continue to be supplied from the UK under the new name BF Aromatherapy. You will be able to confirm their authenticity as follows BF Aromatherapy product will still carry the product authentication (anti fake) label for your reassurance. You can verify this through the website by following the instructions. In mainland China, any product labelled Base Formula Ltd or BF Aromatherapy but not carrying the anti fake label may not be from the UK company Base Formula Ltd and as such will not carry our guarantee of safety for their intended use.

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