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Coping with stress & anxiety during the coronavirus

April is Stress Awareness Month and with the country in lockdown due to COVID-19, stress levels and mental health issues are set to soar. Read how aromatherapy can help during these extremely stressful times.

Essential oils and the coronavirus (COVID-19)

As coronavirus (COVID-19) cases increase in the UK we discuss how essential oils renowned for their anti-viral properties may assist in improving hygiene, boosting immunity and supporting the respiratory system.

Essential oil of the month - Inula (Sweet)

Inula graveolens is a specialist essential oil that isn't widely available. Known as the 'queen of mucolytic oils', it is excellent for respiratory problems, especially chronic conditions that aren’t responding to other treatments.

Essential oils for panic attacks

Aromatherapy essential oils can offer a natural and effective way to help prevent or manage panic disorder or panic attacks. We discuss the best oils to use to promote relaxation and encourage a sense of calm.

Supporting eating problems with essential oils

Learn how essential oils can help with eating disorders - how they can help us tune into our natural wisdom with intuitive eating, address mental suffering and relieve digestive problems caused by disordered eating.

Getting started with essential oils

Interested in using essential oils but feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer choice of oils available? One of the easiest ways to get started is to buy an aromatherapy kit. Find out more about the options available.

Love yourself - a Valentine's meditation with essential oils

Love yourself - a Valentine

Valentine’s Day is all about love and appreciation, so why not create some important time and space for some well-deserved self-love. Try Nicole Barton's heart-warming, nurturing meditation with beautiful essential oils.

Essential oils for inspiring creativity

Learn how essential oils can inspire innate creativity. Discover oils to help you notice what’s possible, oils to explore your inner creative and oils to help you embrace your creativity and step into action!

Chamomile Essential Oil Profile

Consultant Aromatherapist, Christine Fisk, profiles both Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) and German Chamomile (Matricaria recutica) with a selection of recommended blends.

Unlocking our menstrual power with essential oils

Learn how to tune in to the rhythm and changes of your menstrual cycle and work with your inner seasons to unlock your menstrual power and support yourself back to balance with essential oils.

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