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Which oil is 'essential' for you right now?

Which oil is Often, one of the things that holds people back from using aromatherapy essential oils is knowing exactly which oils to blend for their specific objectives.  So, what better way to find out than with a quick ‘question and answer’ quiz?

Hippocrates and Aromatherapy

Hippocrates and AromatherapyLast month, I explored how, by applying the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, essential oils may be chosen to restore energy within the body.  This month, I thought it would be interesting to explore the early Greek model of medicine and whether it is relevant nowadays especially in relation to Aromatherapy.  In ancient times, it was believed the world was composed of four elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water).  These elements were related to the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), to four fundamental qualities (Hot, Cold, Dry, Damp) and to four temperaments, also known as humours (Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic).

Create your own herbal bath oils

Create your own herbal bath oilsWhether you’re making them as a gift or for your own personal pampering supply, herbal bath oils are an easy and effective aromatherapy product you can make at home. Whizz up one of these gorgeous treats in a few minutes and enjoy their therapeutic and skin nurturing benefits for many baths to come! Here’s everything you need to know to make your own aromatherapy bath oils.

Essential oils for balancing Qi (energy)

Essential oils for balancing Qi (energy)In my latest article I will explore how aromatherapy essential oils can be beneficial in helping to restore energy within the body when applying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles.

A fresh outlook for Spring - Aromatherapy Tips

A fresh outlook for Spring - Aromatherapy TipsAn old worldly proverb says “no matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow!”

Aromatherapy for Winter sports

Aromatherapy for Winter sportsWinter sports including skiing, ice skating and snowboarding, sledding and ice hockey are traditionally enjoyed in cold countries during the winter months, although with artificial ice and snow there is now more opportunity to try these sports in warmer climates too. Although winter sports are great fun, injuries are a common event and can range from minor strains and sprains to more severe injuries such as dislocations, and fractures. Many injuries are, however, preventable, caused when people are inadequately prepared or lose concentration by carrying on rather than stopping when tired or in pain. There are, in fact, many things that can be done to prevent injuries such as learning how to safely participate and abiding by the rules of the sport, using appropriate protective equipment and clothing, being aware of weather conditions as well as procedures for getting help, drinking plenty of fluids before, during and after the activity, warming up thoroughly and cooling down properly. Aromatherapy is reputed to play an important role in helping to prevent sport injuries, as well as helping to reduce pain caused perhaps by overworked muscles. This article will focus on essential oils recommended for pre and post-sport activity - not just for Winter sports but for all year round!

Aromatherapy for the mind - addressing the cause!

Aromatherapy for the mind - addressing the cause!As holistic therapists, we really focus on trying to balance the ‘whole’ person. Whilst most modern medicine looks at just the symptom, we try and look at what is underneath that: we look for the cause. Often, this can be a mental or emotional factor.

Enjoy an aromatherapy spa experience at home

Enjoy an aromatherapy spa experience at homeThere is nothing nicer than enjoying a pampering spa day (or evening) at home using beautiful aromatherapy skincare products bursting with delightful, aromatic essential oils. Taking time to plan your home spa 'pamper' experience is part of the fun, deciding, for example, on whether you want to feel relaxed and chilled, or energised and revitalised. Do you want to spend the time with friends or enjoy some ‘me-time’? What sort of products will you choose? Will they be hand-made or from one of your favourite aromatherapy brands?

Love yourself - a Valentine's meditation with essential oils

Love yourself - a ValentineWhilst many people enjoy the commercial hearts and flowers of Valentine’s Day, for some people it isn’t as enjoyable because it can reinforce feelings of isolation, low confidence or worry about the past and future. If that’s how you feel this year, why not try this combination of yoga and essential oils? It’s perfect for a nurturing night in with yourself!

Aromatherapy essential oils for post-operative care

Aromatherapy essential oils for post-operative carePrior to having a minor operation, I was keen to discover which essential oils could be used perioperatively i.e. during the three phases of surgery - pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative.

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