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Aromatherapy Q&A - Cystitis

Aromatherapy Q&A - CystitisQ: Can you offer any advice or recommend any essential oils for treating Cystitis?

Aromatherapy Q&A - Oils for Tendonitis

Aromatherapy Q&A - Oils for TendonitisQ: I have a client who has recently been diagnosed with tendonitis in the wrist. She also suffers with arthritis in the foot (mainly around the toes). Could you recommend some oils/blends that might help. I did read that Dead Sea Salt was good, but would like to use oils as well. Many thanks.

Q&A: Are any essential oils contra-indicated when taking Warfarin?

Q&A: Are any essential oils contra-indicated when taking Warfarin?Q: Can you tell me if any essential oils are contra-indicated when taking Warfarin?

Q&A: Aromatherapy advice for Parkinson's Disease

Q&A: Aromatherapy advice for ParkinsonQ: I'm supporting a client with Parkinson's currently experiencing stiffness and rigidity. I'm thinking of using Frankincense, Basil, Lavender and Sandalwood. Do you have any other ideas/recommendations? I would also like to fend off bouts of depression. Thanks.

Q&A: Advice for dealing with a dry, itchy, flaky scalp

Q&A: Advice for dealing with a dry, itchy, flaky scalpQ: I have a dry, flaky scalp which is starting to really itch and look unsightly. Can you offer any advice?

Q&A: Oils for baby massage

Q&A: Oils for baby massageQ: Could you please confirm if it's ok to massage babies with fractionated coconut oil or whether it should be avoided due to possibility of nut allergy?

Q&A: Massage for stroke patients

Q&A: Massage for stroke patientsQ: My Grandma had a stroke 6 weeks ago and has no sensation or movement down one side. The nursing staff have been massaging her limbs with Tiger Balm. Just wondered whether there are any essential oils that could help with her rehabilitation?

Q&A: Essential Oils during pregancy

Q&A: Essential Oils during pregancyQ: Can you please advise which essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy and whilst breast feeding?

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