Q&A: Aromatherapy advice for Parkinson's Disease

Q&A: Aromatherapy advice for ParkinsonQ: I'm supporting a client with Parkinson's currently experiencing stiffness and rigidity. I'm thinking of using Frankincense, Basil, Lavender and Sandalwood. Do you have any other ideas/recommendations? I would also like to fend off bouts of depression. Thanks.

A: Delighted to hear that you have the opportunity to help a client suffering from Parkinson's Disease. As with each person, a full holistic consultation should be conducted - to help ascertain the symptoms that your client needs most help with - as this is a condition with a very individual range of symptoms. Although there are some classic symptoms they are not all experienced by everyone.

Maintaining good nutrition and regular exercise such as swimming or yoga can help, if possible. Massage is form of passive exercise so this will also be beneficial. It is important to note that Parkinson's symptoms can be significantly worsened by stress, so de-stressing, relaxant oils will help with the muscular tension and stiffness. Oils such as Lavender, Chamomile, Neroli and Frankincense would be my recommendations. As with all clients, give your client a sample "sniff" of the oils you are considering, and ask for their feedback. The ones they are most drawn to will be the ones that are best for them at that particular time.

When suffering from a degenerative condition where the root cause is not yet entirely understood, connecting people with fellow sufferers/particular expertise can be incredibly important. People can feel isolated and hopeless when initially diagnosed, but there is a range of medical treatments that can help relieve many symptoms, and help people to live fulfilling and productive lives.

I would always consider - in addition to any orthodox medical care (depending on the condition) therapies such as: Aromatherapy and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (which helped me when I was diagnosed with a serious blood condition years ago - which I have thankfully recovered from). I am also a great believer in Reiki Healing as long as it is with an experienced Reiki Master. (Look up The National Federation of Spiritual Healers for further advice).

You could also refer your client to the The Michael J Fox Foundation, for further easy to understand, informative, supportive and positive advice.

I hope this helps?

Kind regards

Joannah Metcalfe

Consultant Aromatherapist 

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