Advice for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Advice for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To mark Breast Cancer Awareness month we discuss factors that can weaken our immunity and make us more susceptible to cancer, and how aromatherapy essential oils can help our body to protect itself!

Aromatherapy essential oils for anxiety & anxious thoughts

Aromatherapy A-Z: Anxiety

Aromatherapy is excellent for bringing us back to balance. Read how essential oils can help soothe anxiety and anxious thinking, and support us in realigning with our truthful mental health.

Essential oil safety: cautions, contra-indications & dilutions

While most essential oils and carrier oils can be safely used to promote health and wellbeing, some oils should not be used at all and others are contra-indicated in certain circumstances. Read our blog to find out more.

Exploring the Burseraceae plant family and its essential oils

Frankincense and Myrrh essential oil are useful for inflammatory conditions and respiratory problems. Also good for emotional issues such as anxiety and stress and for healing and regenerating the skin.

Is it safe to ingest essential oils?

There is much discussion on whether it is safe to ingest essential oils. Certain brands recommend drinking a few drops of oil in a glass of water, but is this really safe? We explore both sides of the world’s biggest essential oil debate!

Plant families & knowing your essential oils

Ever get confused when choosing your essential oils? In our latest blog we’ll try to demystify plant families, genera, botanical names and chemotypes so you know which essential oils to buy and how to use them safely.

Biblical anointing with essential oils

Biblical anointing with essential oils

With Easter just around the corner, I thought it would be interesting to consider essential oils used in biblical times. There are said to be over 600 references in the Bible to the use of essential oils, incense and ointments.

Aromatherapy for beginners

Aromatherapy for beginners

Want to use aromatherapy essential oils at home but not sure where to start? Read our expert advice on selecting the most appropriate oils and using them safely to achieve the desired effects.

Essential oils & aromatherapy massage for Autism

Aromatherapy & Autism - Managing the anxiety state of children with ASD

Although there is no cure for Autism there are many approaches, therapies and interventions for improving the lives of autistic people. We discuss how essential oils and aromatherapy massage can help.

Integrating aromatherapy & becoming a flexible therapist

Integrating aromatherapy & becoming a flexible therapist

Aromatherapy is so often listed as a separate treatment on a holistic therapist’s menu. Learn how easily aromatherapy can be integrated with other therapies and treatments for a truly holistic experience.

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