Aromatherapy Q&A - Cystitis

Aromatherapy Q&A - CystitisQ: Can you offer any advice or recommend any essential oils for treating Cystitis?

A: Cystitis occurs when the bladder is inflammed - usually due to infection. Symptoms include the urgent and frequent need to wee, stinging or pain when you do go to the toilet, and pain in the bladder.

Taking antibiotics can predispose you to this condition so if you have just finished a course I always recommend taking BioCare's Bio-acidophilus Forte - a strong pro-biotic (much more powerful than most available) to help re-populate and boost your intestinal flora and immune system.

Steer clear of a diet high in sugar and yeast (mushrooms, bread, marmite, beer and wine) which will cause the fungus Candida Albicans to proliferate.

Drink plenty of water plus fresh lemon juice to help boost immunity and reduce acidity that will increase the likelihood of another infection.

Regular bathing can be effective in helping to prevent and treat occurrences of cystitis. Bathing after sexual intercourse is particularly recommended as increased inflammation can increase the likelihood of an attack, and if fungus/bacteria has been introduced this can also help flush it out. Try bathing with 1 cup of Dead Sea Salt dissolved in warm bath water to which you add 15ml Moisturising Bath Milk with 4 drops Bergamot, 4 Tea Tree, 4 Lavender and 2 Myrrh. This will help to sooth the symptoms and act on the fungus/bacteria that causes the infection.

Mild cystitis usually clears up within a few days. See your GP if symptoms persist or if you have more than 3 attacks per year.

Joannah Metcalfe
Consultant Aromatherapist

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