Q&A: Are any essential oils contra-indicated when taking Warfarin?

Q&A: Are any essential oils contra-indicated when taking Warfarin?Q: Can you tell me if any essential oils are contra-indicated when taking Warfarin?

A: Warfarin is an anti-coagulant, used to thin the blood. It is usually prescribed to people who have suffered or are at risk of suffering from conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism (blood clot in lung) or certain heart conditions. It is a very powerful form of medication which can cause significant side-effects and patients prescribed this medication are usually monitored closely.

The two essential oils that are particularly contra-indicated are Wintergreen and Sweet Birch. They are usually used in sporting linaments, and contain high quantities of "methyl salicylate" (the active ingredient in aspirin) which is quickly absorbed and could "potentiate the anti-coagulant effects of warfarin" - which in turn could cause an internal haemorrhage. (These 2 oils are also potentially toxic and should be used with extreme caution by experienced aromatherapists only). Ginger essential oil is also one to be avoided - as although there is no direct evidence to say it could be harmful - in lab experiments (in test tubes) it was shown to reduce platelet stickiness. Hope this helps.

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Joannah Metcalfe
Consultant Aromatherapist

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