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Essential oils for a multitude of moods

Although essential oils are commonly used to help us relax and unwind, they have many other properties that are ideal for a variety of different mood states – from anger and apathy to restlessness, grief and guilt.

Using essential oils to cultivate a natural meditative state

Meditation is good for the soul, but you don’t actually have to meditate to cultivate inner peace and calm. Learn how using essential oils in conjunction with an activity that you love can help you achieve a similar meditative effect.

Essential oils for Summer skin & hair care challenges

We crave the warmer summer weather but it can actually throw up many obstacles that keep us from looking our best! Follow our top natural tips to combat those challenges and keep your skin and hair beautifully healthy all Summer long!

Top 10 Summer aromatherapy & natural beauty essentials

Whether you’re heading abroad this Summer or staying at home we’ve pulled together our most useful products and handy hints to ensure you’re looking and feeling ‘sunsational’ for your Summer break. Happy holidays!

Aromatherapy carrier oils for skincare

Carrier oils are often simply viewed as a means of ‘carrying’ essential oils into our body via absorption through the skin! They actually have their own therapeutic properties however and can be particularly useful for balancing the skin!

Essential oils for gardens AND gardeners!

Essential oils for gardens AND gardeners!

Gardening is great for health and wellbeing but does have a few drawbacks such tiredness, aches and pains, bites, cuts and stings. Learn how essential oils can combat minor gardening ailments AND benefit your plants!

Aromatherapy essential oils and asthma

Essential oils with anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, expectorant, nervine and sedative properties can be helpful if used as a preventative measure against asthma. Massage may also help improve lung function and reduce anxiety.

Essential oils to boost your yoga practice

Discover the many different ways that essential oils can be used to support your yoga practice. From helping develop strength or flexibility to aligning body and breath, aiding meditation and setting intentions!

Essential oils for Rheumatism / Arthritis

Although aromatherapy can’t cure osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis it can help ease symptoms and even control its progression by easing pain and inflammation, supporting detoxification and aiding relaxation.

Aromatherapy tips for study & exams

It's the time of year when students are frantically revising for forthcoming exams. We know how stressful it can be, so we’ve pulled together some handy tips on how aromatherapy can aid your study and keep you calm!

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