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Aromatherapy essential oils for Christmas

Certain aromatherapy essential oil scents are synonymous with Christmas. Read why it’s better to make your own natural festive fragrances, discover the best oils to use, and try our Top 10 seasonal essential oil blends.

Rose Otto Oil Profile

Many people believe there is no finer essential oil than Rose otto oil. This beautifully fragrant oil is excellent for skincare, the nervous system and problems relating to the female reproductive system. 

Using pre-blended aromatherapy oils for massage

Performance coach, Kettlebell Champion and pain relief expert, Jamie Lloyd, talks about the benefits of massage and why he likes to use Base Formula’s aromatherapy massage oils and waxes to enhance his signature treatments.

Using Hydrolats for aromatherapy mood sprays

Hydrolats are 100% natural waters derived from plant material that have similar properties to essential oils. They are commonly used for skincare, but are also great for making aromatherapy mood sprays, linen sprays and air fresheners.

Aromatherapy and the 5 Elements

Learn more about the Five Elements, how they can affect your physical health and emotional wellbeing, and how you can use aromatherapy essential oils to help balance these energies and improve health and harmony.

Aromatherapy for Sprains, Strains & Fractures

Certain essential oils and carrier oils can be particularly helpful for both preventing injury and relieving associated pain and inflammation when injury does unfortunately occur. Christine Fisk advises which oils to use and how to use them!

Advice for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Advice for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To mark Breast Cancer Awareness month we discuss factors that can weaken our immunity and make us more susceptible to cancer, and how aromatherapy essential oils can help our body to protect itself!

Ultimate Autumn immunity boosting blend

Ultimate Autumn immunity boosting blend

As Autumn looms we can be more susceptible to viruses such as the common cold. Read Christine’s blog for her ultimate immunity boosting essential oil blend plus other ways to naturally boost your immune system.

Aromatherapy essential oils for anxiety & anxious thoughts

Aromatherapy A-Z: Anxiety

Aromatherapy is excellent for bringing us back to balance. Read how essential oils can help soothe anxiety and anxious thinking, and support us in realigning with our truthful mental health.

Aromatherapy and the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system plays an important role in the body’s response to infection, drainage of fluids and removal of toxins. Read our blog to learn which essential oils can be helpful in supporting the lymphatic system.

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